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"A post-modernistic and classical musical experiment, a willingly failed attempt to create a theatre play, an attempt that must fail as modern narratives must reflect the futile character of modern life", Malthe Nielsen.

Abstract love, a play with music I wrote and performed with my group Troubadours21, won the second prize for The Best Reflection Assignment of the Year at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. The play took a part at the independent art festival Vildskud 2018 in Copenhagen, where it was regarded by jury:

“…I surrender myself to the splendid and exquisite music. The sounds of the two voices, the tenor saxophone and the grand piano induces are intriguing - both in beauty and in skewness. The performance changes between passion and deep, humorous twists and ‘tomfoolery’, or maybe rather Dadaist ‘nonsense’...”

Abstract Love, a short video teaser, performed by Lucie Szabova, Karolina Bengtsson, Jędrzej Łagodziński and Nadia Okrusko